Sour-Sop (Graviola)



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The sour- sop tree is always green and is about 8- 10 meters high with leaves that resemble Bayleaves.
The Sour-sop is actually a large berry. They grow up to 40 centimeters and up to 4 kilograms.

It is originally from South America and the Caribbean, grows in lowland forests to semi-arid climate and was introduced by man, as a fruit tree in all tropical regions.

Benefits: The juicy yellow-white flesh tastes sour. Export of this exotic fruit has hardly taken off, especially since her body when ripe is very sensitive to pressure and therefore can be difficult to transport.

Undeniably at local naturopaths is the health effect of the leaves of Graviola or Soursop. In studies in westernized countries, especially USA, you can achieve spectacular results, particularly in the treatment of cancer.

The important thing is that you could see the effect only in the natural plant. With no plant extracts or preserved fruits and juices. Therefore for the best benefits, take only natural, untreated products.

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